Wings of Wonder

This live butterfly experience allows guests to walk through a lush garden setting with hundreds of butterflies and moths representing over 20 North American species.

A “chrysalis house” is featured where visitors can watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis and prepare for flight. The exhibit has winding stone pathways, nectar feeders, a water feature, sculptures, and even music to enhance the visitor’s experience. Visitors can also learn about metamorphosis, the difference between moths and butterflies, interesting butterfly trivia, and butterfly conservation.

Published: Butterfly Exhibit At The Tulsa Zoo (

Love this exhibit! We had a great team that collaborated to create a beautiful exhibit. I designed illustrations and exhibit mockups, signage, rack cards, billboards, and website banner.

This was so much fun! I asked the sculptor and printer to create the biggest signs and sculptures they had ever done, which were beautiful! We released butterflies into the exhibit.