Kravis Center Learning Center

Unlocking Knowledge: Kravis Center Artifact Collection Database and Learning Center

Project Overview: Within the esteemed halls of the Gilcrease Museum, a captivating initiative emerged: the Kravis Center Artifact Collection Database and Learning Center. This visionary project sought to blend interactive learning with engaging games and immersive seek-and-find activities. Its primary aim? To enlighten audiences about the remarkable artifacts nestled within the drawers of the Kravis Learning Center.

Identified Challenge: One key challenge stood out: establishing a seamless connection between the Access Database and Flash-based software. This critical link was essential to deliver an enjoyable and educational experience, especially tailored for young learners.

Innovative Solution: The solution to this challenge lay in the art of coding. Leveraging my expertise, I employed coding techniques to bridge the gap between these two essential elements. The goal was clear: to ensure that children could seamlessly access and interact with the database, making their learning journey both smooth and engaging.

Outcome and Features: The fruits of our labor resulted in an interactive learning program boasting four distinct sections:

  1. The Kravis Center Catalog: This section served as the gateway to the treasure trove of artifacts. Users could explore and discover intriguing pieces from the collection.
  2. Videos Linked to Artifacts: An enriching multimedia experience awaited users, with videos thoughtfully linked to specific artifacts, providing in-depth insights and context.
  3. Games and Puzzles: To infuse an element of fun and challenge, interactive games and puzzles were incorporated, offering an entertaining way to absorb knowledge.
  4. Surveys: The program encouraged active engagement by inviting users to share their thoughts and perspectives through surveys, fostering a sense of involvement and contribution.

In the spirit of creating a captivating user experience, the elements on the homepage were brought to life through animation and enriched with immersive sound effects.

Designing this user-friendly interface was a joyous endeavor, one where education and enjoyment intersected seamlessly. By employing innovative coding techniques, we successfully bridged the gap between the database and the software, ensuring that children could embark on an enriching learning journey filled with excitement and discovery.