Maasai village

The exhibit ingeniously recreates the essence of a typical Maasai village, complete with three distinct huts: a family hut, an elder’s hut, and an unfinished hut thoughtfully designed to showcase traditional building techniques.

This transformative project embarked on its journey as an internship opportunity and subsequently evolved into a pivotal role as an exhibit designer. Within this capacity, I took on a range of responsibilities, all aimed at enhancing the visitor experience and promoting the exhibit.

My duties included the meticulous management of signage implementation to ensure that the exhibit’s narrative was effectively communicated to visitors. Additionally, I undertook the creation of both digital and print press releases, disseminating valuable information about the exhibit to the public and media outlets.

Furthermore, I played a vital role in the development of branding strategies for advertising purposes. This encompassed the design of visually captivating banners and billboards, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the exhibit and entice potential visitors.

This multifaceted journey within the realm of instructional design and exhibit curation underscored the importance of effective communication, creative design, and immersive educational experiences. It was a privilege to contribute to the success of this project.

Published: Tulsa World