Gilcrease Museum Interactive Kiosk

Project: Gilcrease Museum Interactive Kiosk

Company: Gilcrease Museum

OVERVIEW: The kiosk includes interactive maps and surveys. The Gilcrease Museum has six interactive kiosks placed around the museum to inform guests where they can find collections.

PROBLEM: Creating media for all ages. Save the survey into an Access Database and save it at the end of the day. Create maps of the grounds through Google Maps and on-site visits.

SOLUTION: Categorized content for adults and children with a printable brochure for the children to take with them. Developed a code to save information to an Access Database.

RESULT: A kiosk for all ages. This interactive kiosk includes all of the interactive exhibits around the museum and a section that is geared toward children, along with a brochure map. The interactive garden and museum maps include rollovers to inform guests where they can go to learn more about the gardens and museum. The front page of the interactive kiosk has rotating animations on top and a menu at the bottom with maps, gift shop information, events, restaurant information, and the latest museum videos. Lastly, a survey at the end is exported into an Access Database daily.

I enjoyed learning about the museum and creating all components in the kiosk for the museum.