Gilcrease Museum Interactive Kiosk

Project Overview: Gilcrease Museum embarked on an initiative to enhance the visitor experience by strategically placing six interactive kiosks throughout its premises. These kiosks were designed with the primary objective of aiding guests in locating various collections within the museum. They offer a range of features, including interactive maps and surveys.

Identified Challenge: The project presented several notable challenges. Firstly, there was the need to create media content suitable for individuals of all age groups. Additionally, a mechanism was required to save survey data into an Access Database at the close of each day. Furthermore, mapping the museum’s extensive grounds posed a logistical challenge, involving the utilization of Google Maps and on-site visits.

Innovative Solution: To address these challenges, a multi-faceted solution was devised. The content was thoughtfully categorized to cater to both adult and child audiences. Special attention was paid to crafting a printable brochure tailored for younger visitors to take home as a keepsake. Furthermore, a sophisticated code was developed to ensure the secure and efficient storage of information in an Access Database.

Achieved Result: The culmination of these efforts resulted in the creation of an all-encompassing kiosk experience designed to cater to visitors of all ages at the Gilcrease Museum. These interactive kiosks offer a wealth of features, including engaging exhibits, user-friendly maps, and a survey mechanism that seamlessly exports data into an Access Database on a daily basis.

As an instructional designer, I had the distinct pleasure of delving into the world of the museum and contributing to the development of all components within the kiosk. This endeavor was not only an opportunity for personal growth but also a means of enriching the museum experience for its valued patrons.