Oklahoma Centennial Trail

The Oklahoma Centennial Anniversary Trail was a commemorative tribute to the rich history and natural beauty of Oklahoma. This trail thoughtfully encompasses various zones that mirror the diverse Oklahoma landscapes, such as the expansive tallgrass prairie, and features the addition of two magnificent buffalo sculptures.

In my capacity as both an exhibit designer and project manager, I played a pivotal role in bringing this celebration to life. My responsibilities spanned the planning, design, and execution of the project, ensuring that it met the highest standards of quality and educational value.

One particularly captivating aspect of this endeavor was the exploration of Oklahoma’s rune stones. The exhibit department embarked on the fascinating task of creating a replica of these historic stones, shedding light on this unique facet of Oklahoma’s heritage.

It was a rewarding experience to contribute to this project, celebrating the centennial anniversary of Oklahoma and delving into the intriguing world of rune stones, all with the aim of creating an educational and memorable experience for visitors.