Computer Based Training

Project: Computer-Based Training Software
Company: NDA

In this instructional design project, my role encompassed a wide array of skills and responsibilities, all aimed at enhancing online learning materials and the learning experience. Let’s break down these tasks by the skills they required:

Content Evaluation and Development: I meticulously examined the existing instructional materials to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing this assessment, I created fresh, engaging content that aligned with the learning objectives.

Assessment Design: I developed assessment tools that were effective in measuring the progress and comprehension of learners. These assessments were designed to provide meaningful feedback.

Program Implementation and Training: My role extended to ensuring the seamless implementation of online learning programs. I not only focused on content development but also played a key role in training both educators and students to navigate the online learning system effectively.

Technical Problem Solving: Addressing technical issues reported by users required a skillful approach. I adeptly resolved these problems to maintain an uninterrupted online learning experience.

Throughout these diverse tasks, I remained steadfast in upholding accuracy and precision within the online learning domain. These efforts significantly contributed to the overall success of our educational initiatives, ensuring an improved learning experience for all involved.